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Palaniappan Vairavan


Mr. Palaniappan Vairavan is an educator, entrepreneur, and a visionary who believes that education can alleviate most of the key challenges faced by society today. He is the president of HOPE3 Foundation and the Dean of the Computer Science department of HOPE3 Varsity. Palani has been volunteering with many educational nonprofit organizations since 2016 to level the playing field for the circumstantially challenged students. He provided the impetus for conception of HOPE3 by identifying the need for providing educational opportunities of the highest quality for the talented students who lack the resources or exposure. He teaches data structures, algorithms, web and mobile app development in HOPE3 Varsity.

Professionally he works at Amazon Corporation, Washington as a Senior Software Engineer. He holds a MS in Computer Science from East Carolina University. On the personal front he loves playing tennis and outdoor activities with his family. He can be reached at palani@hope3.org


Neelakandan Venkataraman


Neelakandan Venkataraman is passionate about learning and teaching. Neelakandan has been part of the Hope 3 Foundation as a member in governing body since the inception of the non profit organization. Neelakandan is motivated to create a change through personal and social awareness – especially within the upcoming generation. In addition to being an advisor to the Hope 3 foundation long term strategy and regular activities, Neelakandan enjoys connecting with students through Soft Skills club, as part of Hope3 Varsity.

Professionally, Neelakandan is a Director of Hardware Engineering at Microsoft Devices, designing products like Surface computers, Xbox and Hololens. Prior to joining Microsoft, Neelakandan has been designing automotive and Marine engines in India, Germany and US. Neelakandan has a Masters in Business Administration degree from University of Wisconsin and Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering from Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore, India. Neelakandan can be reached at neel@hope3.org


Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram


Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram is an educator, scientist, and a yoga, meditation enthusiast. He is one of the founding members of HOPE3 Foundation and is the president of HOPE3 Varsity the educational wing of HOPE3 Foundation. He believes in education that is actionable and education that builds a seeking (research) mindset.Meenakshi actively engages in a wide variety of HOPE3 Varsity classes as a mentor and many a time as a student. He is also a certified breathwork and meditation instructor with the Art of Living Foundation.

Meenakshi works in Intel Corporation, Oregon as an process engineer helping in the manufacturing process of semiconductor chips.He holds a MS, PhD from Cornell University, New York in Mechanical Engineering, and a M Tech in Computational Science from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He can be reached at meenakshi.sundaram@hope3.org